Arctic Watersport Oy

Arctic Watersport Oy have a great deal of
experience making composite, rotomoulded
polyethylen and vacuum formed products.
Production takes place in our own factory and
nearby situated partner companies.

Kayaks and canoes are very demanding to make:
Watertight bulkheads, proper skegs, rudders
and all the fittings are not so obvious to make.
Besides the production as we also have been importing and selling other

well known brands worldwide we know quite well how to
avoid the problems and what improvements
should be done to exceed the needs and
demands of today’s customer.

Measures and materials may change
due to our product development.
All rights reserved.

Besides own products our company does sub contract rotomolding.

Our company does not have direct sales to private customers. But please contact us and we can look closest dealer from you for the full service.

Nature is precious for us and since beginning it has been obious that we need to recycle all the waste material that comes from process of building our products. This is why our company has in house recycling line to granule and puleverize the polyethylene materials and reuse it to some other parts like composters, water tanks…

Please feel free to contact us:

Arctic Watersport Oy

+358 50 3813190

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Arctic Watersport