Welhonpesä Oy
Welhonpesä Oy has produced, exported and
imported kayaks and canoes for over 40 years.
Now the production & design is taken care of
by Arctic Watersport Oy
We have a great deal of experience
making composite, rotomoulded polyethylen
and vacuum formed models. Production takes
place in our own factory and nearby situated
partner companies. All of our partners have
a long experience in building seakayaks.
Kayaks are very demanding to make:
Watertight bulkheads, proper skegs, rudders
and all the fittings are not so obvious to make.
As we also have been importing and selling other
brands worldwide we know quite well how to
avoid the problems and what improvements
should be done to exceed the needs and
demands of today’s customer.